The Internet is All Around us

I have always been intrigued when looking at QR codes. I imagine them as doorways all around us that lead into this dimension of the Internet and that the digital representation of what’s displayed actually exists in that physical space.


In reality QR codes are nothing more than an over-the-air copy/paste technology. Although this is less exciting than physical passages into the Internet, you can still do pretty cool things with them.

I was at the thrift shop a while ago and found a frame on the cheap. I thought it would be cool to link my Internet home with my physical home. I went over to and followed the self-explanatory instructions to create my code. I printed and framed my QR code only to realize its orientation wasn’t conventional. This wasn’t a problem since QR codes are readable independently of their orientation because every code has fixed markers on its edges. This is the first one I’ve completed so far, but here are some other ideas I’ve come up with:

  • My E-mail QRC on my mailbox
  • Facebook photo album QRC in a coffee table album. Each page could have the title of the album and a big QRC on it.
  • Bitcoin address QRC on my loose change jar
  • Dropbox QRC on the filing cabinet
  • Wi-Fi Login credentials QRC next to the house key ring

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