DIY Industrial Style Bicycle Stand

I’ve been wanting a bicycle stand for my new place to avoid getting the infamous streak marks from continuously leaning my bike against the wall in the same spot over and over. I wanted a stylish solution and didn’t want to mount anything on my wall. 
After scouring the web I couldn’t find anything to meet my requirements, so I opted to build my own. The end product was a beautifully designed industrial style bike stand. The build was simple and I wanted to share the process. All the pipe was purchased from Home Depot. I already had the leather and velcro, but it can be purchased from your local craft store.
Parts List:
  • 2X- 3/4” plugs
  • 8X- 3/4” 90° elbow connectors
  • 4X- 3/4” tee connectors
  • 3X- 3/4” 12” pipe
  • 2X- 3/4” 10” pipe
  • 2X- 3/4” 3” pipe
  • 2X- 3/4 36” pipe
  • 1 pkg of industrial strength velcro
  • Leather or padded material
 You can put the entire structure together by hand. Before you start, exam the threading on the pipe. I had a little trouble connecting some of the pipe due to small metal shavings in between the treads. You can clean them off with an old rag and oil.  I started at the at the top of the structure with the plugs into the 90° elbows, 90° elbows to couplers, couplers to tee connectors, etcetera as pictured.
IMG_0140Continue Connecting all pipe and connectors. If you can’t figure out where the 36″ pipe goes you probably shouldn’t attempt to construct this.
IMG_0066The last parts to connect should be the two lower 12″ pipes. They’re a little tricky because you won’t be able twist one part into another. You’ll need to screw one 12″ pipe all the way into one of the 90° elbows then reverse screw into the opposite elbow. There should be 50% thread in each elbow.
After the structure is complete you’ll want to put soft material in between the metal pipe and your bike frame to prevent damage.
I opted for a dark leather material.
Using paper to measure, cut it to the desired size you want your leather to be and check it for size by wrapping it where you want the leather to be placed.
Cut and adjust accordingly.
Once satisfied, with a pencil trace the leather with the paper you just cut to size.
Using a razor knife cut the traced leather.
Cut little strips of velcro and  attach the adhesive side to each end of the the leather, so you can wrap it and make a loop to connect.
Create four loops and place as pictured.
There you have it!
I hope you enjoy your new bike stand!

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