Disney’s “UP” Adventure Book Recreation


The film “UP” is a wonderful story about friendship, love, and adventure. It also happens to be one of my partner’s and my favorite Disney films. This year for a Christmas present I decided to recreate Ellie’s adventure book. I replaced the “my” with “our” and chose to fill the pages with our own adventures, scrapbook style. I left empty pages in the back for “stuff we’re going to do”. Every part of this book was handmade with a total build time of somewhere around 40 hours! Making from scratch is not for the faint at heart.


All the materials, except the UO bag, I picked up at the local hobby store.


The scrapbooking portion took a lot longer than I thought it would.


I like great packaging so I decided to create an experience around the reveal. I gifted it when after you opened the box you worked your way down the layers of instructions before unwrapping the book.

The Instructions:

  1. Blow up some balloons.
  2. Go here http://youtu.be/GqGo3bm6OAs
  3.  Unwrap the book.


Christmas 2015? Success.

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