who is kenneth moon?


Hello, my name is Kenneth Moon and this is my online journal. You’ll find projects, things, ideas, philosophies, and places I’m currently exploring.

I am a US Navy Veteran of 8 years who has moved back to my hometown of Fort Smith, Arkansas. My vision is to leverage technology to reignite the innovative spirit that historically consumed this frontier town.

I have a passion for technology. There’s something magical about the arguments of electric signals to create an organized outcome.

I’m a Bitcoin enthusiast. Bitcoin and its application of decentralized trust is the most fascinating conversation happening right now.

Aspiring entrepreneur.

Making and discovering is a constant pursuit.

Coffee, no further explanation.

Maker of sounds.

Fitness is a spiritual practice.

Science, physics, the building blocks of the universe amaze me.

I love non-fiction books.

My favorite mode of transportation is the bicycle.

Self-discipline is my expression of freedom.

Traveling is my medicine for narrow-mindedness.

I like to explore nature and urban environments.

Tinkering magician.

Lastly I want to thank my life partner T. S. C. for all her support, intelligence, and dedication in all my endeavors. We make a great team!

And now, this is what I look like doing things.

IMG_3363NYC/ Burj Al Arab, Dubai/ GibraltarIMG_2493Ozark, Arkansas/ Tough Mudder , Virginia/ Cadiz, Spain

59919_10151518427970785_1266100572_nTokyo, Japan

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